Volunteers are still needed

If you have already signed up, Thank you very much.   If you could help out, please check the chart below to help us fill in the spots where it says NEEDED.  You can sign up at www.stichsupperclub.ca/volunteer-sign-up or email me at lindajjsmith@sympatico.ca

Please Sign up for March 30
Clear Tables (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Clear Tables (4:30-5:30) Julia Ziraldo
Clear Tables (5:30-6:30) Diana Simpson
Clear Tables (5:30-6:30) Julia Ziraldo
Closing Duties (shift 6:30-7:30) Bryan Smith
Closing Duties (shift 6:30-7:30) NEEDED
Cooking (12-4:30) Bryan Smith
Cooking (12-4:30) Janice Maltby
Cooking (12-4:30) Drew Carter
Cooking (12-4:30) Bobbi Campbell
Dessert servings (4:30 – 5:30) NEEDED
Dessert servings (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Dining Room Set Up 12-2:00 IDCI Students Jenn Hillis
Dishwashing (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Dishwashing (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Dishwashing (6:30-7:30) NEEDED
Elevator (4:30-5:30) Barb Walker
Elevator (5:30-6:30) Barb Walker
Food Prep (2-4:30) Michelle Vandenhoff
Food Prep (2-4:30) NEEDED
Food Prep (2-4:30) NEEDED
Greeter (4:30-5:30) Cathy Mott
Greeter (5:30-6:30) Cathy Mott
Prescrub pots and pans (4:30- 5:30) NEEDED
Prescrub pots and pans (5:30- 6:30) NEEDED
Prescrub pots and pans (6:30- 7:30) NEEDED
Sanitizing & Drying Dishes (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Sanitizing & Drying Dishes (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Sanitizing & Drying Dishes (6:30-7:30) NEEDED
Scrape Dishes (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Scrape Dishes (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Scrape Dishes (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Scrape Dishes (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Serving (4:30-5:30) 1 Kristine Hamilton
Serving (4:30-5:30) 2 NEEDED
Serving (4:30-5:30) 3 Vilja Duke
Serving (4:30-5:30) 4 Bryan Smith
Serving (4:30-5:30) 5 Michelle Vandenhoff
Serving (5:30-6:30) 1 Kristine Hamilton
Serving (5:30-6:30) 2 NEEDED
Serving (5:30-6:30) 3 Vilja Duke
Serving (5:30-6:30) 4 Bryan Smith
Serving (5:30-6:30) 5 NEEDED

Election Results-STICH Board of Directors

Congratulations to the newest members of the STICH Board of Directors!

I am happy to report that STICH held our elections tonight and now has a full complement Board of Directors who are ready to move things forward and continue the success initiated just one year ago.

  • President: Janice Maltby – acclaimed
  • Vice President: Bobbi Campbell – acclaimed
  • Treasurer: Cathy Mott – acclaimed
  • Secretary: Kristine Hamilton – acclaimed
  • Director-at-Large: Jennifer Hillis – acclaimed
  • Director-at-Large: Bryan Smith – acclaimed
  • (Existing) Director-at-Large: Linda Smith (Volunteer Coordinator)
  • (Existing) Director-at-Large: Peggy Robertson

I have full confidence that this new Board will go forward and continue on and expand the success that was begun in February 2016.

On behalf of myself as outgoing President and Dawn McChrystal, outgoing Vice President, we wish the new board of directors all the best!  Thank you for stepping up and taking on this important role in our community.  Every single person who accepted the new roles are people who are there, doing the work at the Legion week after week.  These people are fully invested in the success of STICH, which means in the success of all our guests, and ultimately the success of this community.

It has been my honour to be one of the founding members of STICH this past year and I am beyond proud of how far we have come, so quickly.  There was a need in the community of Ingersoll and many, many people stepped up to fill that need.  Kudos to you all and best of luck!

Linda Leyten, Founding President

REMINDER: ELECTIONS for STICH Board of Directors, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 6PM, Unifor Hall, 364 Victoria St., Ingersoll

Notice of Elections for the Board of Directors of STICH (Stronger Together Ingersoll Community Harvest)

Elections to the Board of Directors will take place at 6:00pm on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at the Unifor Local 88 Union Hall, 364 Victoria Street, Ingersoll, N5C 3K5.

The following six (6) positions will be up for nomination and election for a two (2) year term:
1. President (1)
2. Vice President (1)
3. Treasurer (1)
4. Secretary (1)
5. Directors-at-Large (2)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

  • All Directors are expected to actively participate in the operations of STICH Supper Club, including attending all scheduled meetings.  These roles require a significant personal time commitment.  If you are willing to commit the time, please consider running for one of the following positions.
  1. President
    • Prepares the agenda and chairs all meetings
    • Oversees the operations of the organization
    • Main contact for the organization
  2. Vice President
    • Assists the President
    • Shares in the oversight of the operation
    • Chairs meetings and fills in for the President when the President is unavailable
  3.  Secretary
    • Records the minutes of the Board and General meetings
    • Receives and appropriately distributes all correspondence
    • Arrange for the secure retention of the minutes of the organization
  4. Treasurer (a strong background in accounting, bookkeeping or finance is recommended)
    • Accurate and timely recording all financial transactions of the organization
    • Prepares and submits all necessary documents to Canada Revenue Agency
    • Issues receipts
    • Timely collection and disbursement of funds
    • Presents complete financial information for audit
    • Presents financial reports at each board and general meeting
    • Laise with the finance/fundraising committee
  5. Directors-at-Large
    • Liaise with  one of the program committees
      • ie: Volunteer Coordination, Gardening Program, Mentoring, Community Outreach etc.
    • Reports on activities to the Board and General meetings
    • Have voice and vote on Board of Directors

Turkey Dinner Volunteers

A big thank you to all those who already signed up to volunteer at our Stich supper this week.

Please sign up at www.stichsupperclub.ca/volunteer-sign-up

or email me at lindajjsmith@sympatico.ca

if you too can help out. Here are the spots that still need to be filled.

Dessert servings (4:30 – 5:30) NEEDED
Dessert servings (5:30-6:30) NEEDED
Clear Tables (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Cooking (12-4:30) NEEDED
Dishwashing (6:30-7:30) NEEDED
Prescrub pots and pans (6:30- 7:30) NEEDED
Sanitizing & Drying Dishes (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Scrape Dishes (4:30-5:30) NEEDED
Serving (4:30-5:30) 5 NEEDED