Menu for Stich June 13

The Stich supper club menu for next week Thursday June 13th will be a smorgasbord. Along with soups from Louie’s Pizza & Pasta bread and desserts from The Rose and Daffodil Bakery and Independent grocer. Pizzas from Titos and Little Caesar pizza. Thanks also goes to Sean for your generous donations and Oxford Community Foundation for your generous donations.

Menu for June 6

The Stich supper club for next week Thursday, June 6th will be oven-bbqed chicken, mini potatoes, hot vegetables and a caesar salad. Also Soups from Louie’s Pizza & Pasta, pizzas from Little Caesar’s pizza and Titos Pizza, and bread and desserts from The Rose and Daffodil Bakery and Trembletts Independent grocer.

May 23 Chef’s Cold Pate

The Stich supper club menu for next week Thursday May 23rd will be a Chefs Cold plate that will consist of cold meats, 2 salads, cheese and crackers, deviled egg, pickles and raw veggies. There will also be soups from Louie’s Pizza & Pasta , desserts and breads from the Rose and Daffodil Bakery and Your Independent Grocer , pizzas from Little Caesars and Titos pizza. Thankyou to Miss Ingersoll for the Yorkshire puddings, they are always a big hit.

And more pizza

New Volunteer Opportunities

 Food Rescue Food Pick up, Wednesdays and Fridays in Woodstock and or Tillsonburg

 Sorting and Storing food at end of night (6:00pm till 7:00pm)

Helping out with Food Rescue repackaging and sorting Noon until 2pm

Call Linda at 226-378-4798 for more information

Thank you

Thanks to Louie’s Pizza & Pasta for the weekly soups. Thank you to Titos pizza for the hot fresh pizzas and to Little Caesars for the pizzas to take home and the garlic breads. Also thank you to Rose and Daffodil for the breads etc… Thank you to Independent for the foods for our guests. Thanks to Food Forward and Harvest hands who fill our sharing stage. And thank you to all the volunteers who help each week to put this on.

Volunteers Needed for 1 hour each Thursday


Volunteers are needed for Stich Supper Club for Thursday evenings for 1 hour from 6 pm until 7 pm starting July 20th and especially on Thursdays during August and September.

The duties would include wiping down dinner tables, drying the tables, stacking chairs, and folding down the tables for storage.

To volunteer for this task, please fill out the form at