Stich menu for May 4th

The Stich supper club menu for next week Thursday May 4th will be lasagna, hot vegetables, garlic bread, a caesar salad, wonderful soups from Louies and sweet desserts.
Thanks to Titos pizza for the delicious hot fresh pizzas that were served tonight.

STICH Supper Club menu April 27

The menu for Stich Supper Club for Thursday, April 27 is shephards pie, hot vegetables, cabbage rolls, salad, soup, various kinds of bread, pizza, sweet desserts. Thanks go out to Titos pizza for the fresh hot yummy pizza.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers whether they work out front, in the kitchen, or behind the scenes.

March Break STICH SUPPER CLUB meal is still a go.

The Stich supper club menu for next week Thursday March. 16th will be Irish Stew (beef stew). Hot vegetables, 3 bean salad, soups from Louies pizza and pasta, breads and desserts.
A big thankyou to Titos for providing hot fresh pizzas tonight.
A big thankyou to Miss Ingersoll for the Yorkshire puddings.
Big thankyou to Little caesar pizza for pizzas to take home.
March Break next week and we will be serving this meal.
Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!