What is STICH

STICH is a community-based, grassroots movement, born of a group of citizens concerned with the issue of food security in the town of Ingersoll.

This group of citizens met in the fall of 2015, just before Thanksgiving, when one of the local agencies that supplies food to those in need in our town was rumoured to be closing. The rumour was just that. The closure was temporary. However, we identified that food insecurity is a disturbing reality in Ingersoll and should one of the existing agencies cease operation, it could have devastating effects for many in our town.

We met weekly for a couple of months to brainstorm what could be done to address this problem. We formed a semi-formal committee, and as a group, decided on the name Stronger Together Ingersoll Community Harvest, aka STICH.

We envision a true community kitchen, a gathering place where ANYONE can come in for a hot meal, friendship, community and hopefully, gain skills such as cooking, gardening in a community garden, budgeting and any other life skills that folks in our community are willing to share with each other.

We envision a place that is run by the community, for the community, where folks participate in every way they are able, from cooking, set up, serving, eating, clean up, mentoring etc. We envision a place that will help STICH the community together.

We have a prime location rented weekly at Trinity United Church at 118 Church St. Dinner is downstairs prepared in the kitchen, served in the hall.

We host Supper Club, weekly each Thursday evening from 4:30 to 6:00pm.

All welcome! We look forward to meeting you!